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There might be exciting developments at the expensive leading edge of optical networking, but for many people deploying cost-effective 10Gb/s or 25Gb/s systems still makes a lot of sense.


Our Certified Optical Network Associate course will provide essential knowledge to help you plan core optical networks that are best suited to your requirements and to control their deployment. You'll be able to identify issues with existing infrastructures and how to cope with them. The course strikes a balance between the infrastructure issues and the systems issues that all contribute to the successful deployment of the cost-effective 10Gb/s and 25Gb/s systems widely deployed for FTTA systems and dark fibre connections. Using the OTT WhizzieKit virtual optical networking training system helps delegates to visualise the key components that are necessary to build the systems.

If you already have some knowledge and experience and need to get involved in designing 100Gb/s systems then our Certified Optical Network Engineer (Core networks) course would be more suitable for you.

If you are unsure whether the CONA or CONE course is right for you, take a look at the comparison links below:

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