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Bespoke fibre optic and optical networking training courses

Bespoke training courses

As well as our standard certification programmes, we can also provide training programmes that are customised to meet your particular needs. For many years we have provided specialist/custom courses to sectors outside of the mainstream communications market, for those of you dealing with harsh or unusual environments, such as the subsea arena for RoVs, umbilicals etc. and military, defence, transport, energy and other industrial sectors. These environments can throw up interesting and different challenges where it is important to use the right technology and install, test and handle it correctly in order to achieve the best performance.

All you need to do is contact us, describe the issue you have and we will work with one of our partners to advise you if/how we can best help. So if you have a specific training need for your team and you'd like a customised training programme then just talk to us about it. One of the advantages of customised training is that it can also include an element of consultancy if required. Sometimes you may need advice on purchasing or documentation and procedures etc. Depending on what is involved this may or may not be charged separately. If we can't meet your needs because it is outside our area of expertise, or not feasible in your timescale, then we will just tell you that. Copyright of any materials produced remains with OTT unless otherwise agreed.

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